Zero influence

Zero Influence is the disfunctional state of interactivity.

It's a term coined by [DB] to identify the problems with Open Source adoption and Media Commerce buisiness models.

To have Zero Influence is to be a ghost process yet does exists, yet attains itself as a potencial conduit. It also implies them lack of friction that content [media text audio image] has upon a service or inversely the lack of friction upon content by the process.

As such, this equilibrium has positive advantages for production (no snagging) yet for commerce, lack of traction or ownership/signature/tagging(?) is perceived as negative, in terms that there is no attached value, that is, user generated contributions are leased to a brand without any commercial rights aligned to the service provider.

To expand:

Giving up some control, and eliminating lock-in as a strategy

commercial uses of the APIs

"Design is the successive application of constraints until only a unique product is left." -Richard Pew

"We're kind of like Switzerland" - Alex Welch, photobucket (

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