Production Process

How to make a ProjRam

  1. have an idea
  2. start the projram wiki page (projrams:idea)
  3. write the script
  4. find open media image
  6. use only cc-by-sa
  7. create photo page on wiki (projrams:idea:process)
  8. add parent as projram wiki page
  9. copy image path to wiki of each image
  10. open image editor
  11. paste in images (manipulate as required)
  12. paste in text (typography as required)
  13. Save psd to harddrive
  14. Save jpg to harddrive
  15. upload jpg to photobucket
  16. add jpg image link to wiki (projrams:idea::projram)
  17. create new blog entry at
  18. add jpg image link to blog
  19. add category tags


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