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manipulated formmats of TV presentation

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TV formats should be manipulated by anyone and the thus allows the content to evolve

This will open up the creativity and enable the audience to get the content they want and to be made by the professional industries.

Advertisers will like this too Other hack devices

this is the spoken word

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What is a TV format?
Format purchasing is popular with broadcasters, due notably to:
• the large cost savings associated with avoiding the risk of inventing something original;
• the illusion for national audiences of watching a successful local production;
• the potential for the concept behind a certain TV show to be successful if tailored for a particular market.

Example of some TV formats

-Home and Away

Formats are extremly profitable

But Culture is being locked away

Because of lost paper work

And expensive rights

Rights ownership to creativity is preventing lots of possibilities on TV

The long tail of Broadcasting

The business of TV is changing

But its full of repeats…

But Long tail doesn't take Rights into consideration


And public information is being owned
(public broadcasts own the production)
img: Bush on CBS

Internet Archive
Internet archive is full of stuff

How it used to be done

Soap Opera

Computer formats

Open formats

Closed formats


Creative Commons

Berne Convention

Members shall confine limitations and exceptions to exclusive rights to certain special cases which do not conflict with a normal exploitation of the work and do not unreasonably prejudice the legitimate interests of the rights holder. The 3 step test

Format bibles
The structure of a TV format

What level of detail is required
Big Brother

Wife swap RDF

Format clones

Double Your Money
Where the audience was the show – they were the stars
Pop idols?

Comedy Borrowing from the public domain

DVDs What do the public get back?


Deal or no deal

Pacts – the rights holders

2003 communication act
Helped a few production companies get big – quickly
TV formats helped then!

And the broadcasters lost their grip (now pay for the production and have to pay to use the production)

In the states?
Machinima (red and blue)
Second life


But these are remixes at a high level. There’s no ability to rework the foundations to the ideas. There are no scripts…
It’s improv.

Who’s line is it anyway

Remixing video is ‘chunky’

That’s hiphop. It does help

We need to synthesise the ideas better.

Then this happened

And all these..
And these

And then this
The wiki model

User generated scripts

Collaborative writing

User generated formats
Audience is the R&D

You need and open licence

It’s gnu licencing…

Eek – this is cultural cul-de-sac

We need the new software

Testing the concept – video rushes

Audience feedback

People tell stories well

The science bit…


A web page

XML file

Every node an object

And formats contain content that flows from 1 production to another completely different one

Breeding ideas

Evolving ideas…
Let ideas flow free

It’s the production that should be paid well



Post production

Leave the R&D to the people..

The bloggers

Characters morph
Scenes blend
Storylines cross over

Get the production companies to bid to make your project?

Bidding war by production companies (ebay of TV)

They make the show – not the R&D

REDHAT vs. Microsoft
--Code base and add 20%
Media forge?
Who should run this service

They would love to sell the space to advertisers ! BBC, ABC, C4, FOX

Who should own the source code of TV?

They would love to know the meaning of storytelling to sell to advertisers!
Google, yahoo
What do advertisers do
Get involved with writing the TV people would like to see (copy writers)

Embody branding into stories
Gently now…

What can you do?

Nothing – but Sit back and watch..

Or turn off..

Do more piracy?

No – let the media owners know that you want to help shape TV
No one company can do all this

No one person

What’s the next Friends?
You decide…

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