The pages here are for notes about ideas and projects that relate to:-

  • Media rights
  • Commerce models in the media environment
  • Software designs that support media production and distibution
  • Relationships within Communication, Networks and Manufacturing
  • Media experience securitization

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Updates and Feedback

Writers Guild of America
30 Dec 2007 02:15 GMT

I should look at this more closely - the collapse of the business model is running alongside the collapse of media space use-value.

Tidy Err
29 Dec 2007 22:52 GMT

Wiki pages are now sectioned by Research, Tools, Projects, Presentations, Texts and the Deadpool (Projects that are no longer active)

Test Posting
29 Dec 2007 22:20 GMT

this is a test.


Networks, Manufacturing and Communications
Research into the relationship between Networks, Manufacturing and Communications
Design and Building Media Clouds
Media's existance as non destination experience
Transaction Expressions
Designing Transactions using UseCases and UserExperience Modeling


The Creation Plane
Development model of the relationship betwen Communication, Manufacturing and Networks
The Four Humble Demands (of the Prosumer)
Developing the user experience through a pathway of metrics


Distributed Platform Creation
Where are the Joneses?
OpenSource Media Production Model
Social coding art project
The Cinematic Realisation of Data
Directory of Artists
Collection of artist's details
Liberating Tuesdays from Meetings
Myrical Lyrical
Open Source Lyrics
The Persuit of Nicotine laden Caffine drinks
An Agency model built upon Common Rights


How to use an Open Licence
Explaination on using an Open Licence for Profit
Freedoms of Engagement
Acquistion of Freedoms through Participation


Calcium Dowt
Art as a Business
A documentary about Open TV formats
Still River
Social Network for Artists


Texts in development that may end up on the blog

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