What is Zero Influence?

It seems that both Free Culture Movements and Commercial Media Owners both share a single fear and that's being not able to influence their audience.

For Brands, their task of manipulating demographics has become harder and harder; for Artists (Creators) their need to build on ideas is being curtailed.

As humans, control is a basic instinct. As publishers, it's the business model. Bloggers, Open Source developers, artists all inately need the feedback from peers - it's a requirement of their work, it's the partnership of communication that so intrinsic to their growth. That is Free Trade. And it works.

Migration of this concept of Free Trade in commercial media is a myth. Media Owners are bound by numerous legal and trade regulations that their licence owners assert. To whoms benifit is this? Apparently we the audience need looking after.

So what is missing from the services and realms of content that are superbly produced by Brands and Broadcasters? What else could we possibly want from a publisher? Why are laws of trade become laws of language?

May they be technological, editorial or marketing led, the propositions that we have to navigate daily are apparitions of regulations well behind the front-line of the Media.

Researching Zero Influence


This wiki supports my research into comercially open platforms. The research follows the relationship between 3 abstracts: Communications, Networks and Manufacturing.

The research currently takes the form of Processes in Free Media - Obstacles in Media Commerce Commentry, home, art and open broadcast media formats.

Central to the research is the Creation Plane (click image on the right), a system for modeling the relationship between the abstracts of Communication, Networks and Manufacturing (NMC). Surprisingly, there is next to nothing written about the correlation of these abstracts, even at a corporate sector level. See for yourself.

My main focus is on media and this how NMC relates to the concept, production and distribution. The research is not confined to media and thus the work on the Creation Plane attempts to take on personal and abstract representations. You feedback on this is very much welcome.

The Zero Influence Blog


As a front end to this research, I blog here. The blog is a place where I publish research finding, publish links to relevent sources of interest and comment of contempory activity relating to the research.

As a creative technologist (a term that's not to be confused with an entrepeneur), I seek out models that make sense. Once you have such models, profit normally occurs. This is in keeping with my interest of non-zero sum strategies: participants must gain benifits from openysystems for them to work.

And thus this interest the creative process and how society works with it. The blog is a collection of posts about the processes used in media and what the obstacles are in trying to realise projects. This has ranged from software innovation through to humans being used as distributed solution providers. This inevitable involves tackling issues of identity, human and media rights, software design - both architecture and graphic interface design, product and human interface design. Through this, the possibility of Authentic Media is probable.

The ethos of the research is very much on non-zero sum solutions, seeking benefits to the individual, a group/community and systems that we all share and use. The zero-sum-ness supports commercial enterprises, thus the objective is to formulate concepts and frameworks that profit without social exploitation.

David Bausola

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