Narrative Vs Story

Narrative is what is unfolding now
Story is a retelling of events

This has been bugging me for a while
Just spoken as #FOE4 and everyone use the two terms to mean the same thing.
wikipedia doesn't help here either

this difference is to do with time // present and past

streamtelling is through narrative vectors
storytelling is a sequencing of vectors based upon a local grammar

transmedia is starting to show the difference
bad transmedia is the allusion of pasts
good transmedia is the use of the present(s)

aha!we dont have a term for 'many presents' — as in many time(s)

time is plural.
Once upon a time - story
The current times - narrative

Modernism(s) defines Story / art in a way that frames the autonomous idea.

Narrative could be the overcoming of modernism.

"Time is a narrative invention."

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