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What open source solutions are available for flash video servers?

Delivery options

FLV files can be delivered in several different ways:

* Embedded in a SWF file using the Flash authoring tool (supported in Flash Player 6 and later)
* Streamed via RTMP to the Flash Player using the Flash Media Server (formerly called Flash Communication Server) , VCS ( Video Communication Server from Onlinelib VCS or the open source Red5 server
* Streamed via HTTP (supported in Flash Player 8 and later) by StroboScope, a crossover between progressive download and streaming, allowing random access in VOD FLV files while not requiring expensive servers and not requiring the commonly blocked RTMP ports.
* Progressively downloaded via HTTP (supported in Flash Player 7 and later.), very basic way of delivery (limited to playback of FLV files)
* Provided as a .FLV format flash file, for playback from local disk

Red 5

Red5 is a server that not only streams content to the Flash plugin, but it can push calls and information to the Flash client! It can also receive video/audio/data from a flash client and either save or rebroadcast that content.

Red 5 Blog

HOWTO create new applications in Red5

The success and attention the opensource project Red5 gets with it's upcoming 1.0 release ( i expect it somewhere Q2 or maybe Q3 2007 ) cleary shows there is an interest in true streaming video on the web. Red5 doesn't offer the clustering features of FMS 2 and it's still much a work in progress, both in technology as in APIs, but when it launches everyone will be able to use video and realtime collaboration features, the latter depending on RED5's Scripting API that is defined at the moment. I think scripting support is essential for rapid prototyping of Red5 applications as otherwise you'd be recompiling everytime you add new code.

FLV notes


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