FriendFeed Room Filtering

Various RSS experiments that filter out Room data into usable formats.

Makes use of Yahoo!pipes for filtering, as FF API does not have details on querying Rooms directly.

Scene Machine Example

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FriendFeed Room Filtering zeroinfluencerzeroinfluencer rev. 1 22 Feb 2009 21:56
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Development Links

FriendFeed Rooms

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RSS presentation code examples

Render page example

Flickr Gallery by Tag (not custom RSS)

[[module FlickrGallery tags="channel" tagMode="any" perPage="14" limitPages="1" size="square" sort="date-posted-desc"]]
Fresh Flickr photos. [  Click] for more.

RSS (text based)

[ See all at]
[[module Feed src="  limit="10"]]
%%custom pubDate%%
**Count:** %%custom digg:diggCount%%
**Category:** %%custom digg:category%%
**Comment count:** %%custom digg:commentCount%%


[[module Feed src="" limit="10"]]
**Date published:** %%custom pubDate%% 
**Description:** %%description%%
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