3. User Centricity

Without the user in the diagram there seemed to purpose or cause to the flow of the activities. So without much hesitation, the user was cenralised to the 6 abstractions, giving me 7 entities.

This again all made sense, but now the relationships between the primary and secondary nodes, seemed elusive.

Should the user be connected to the seconadry nodes and the Primary Nodes?

During this research I was looking at patterns produced by Prime Numbers. Now by luck or fate I stumbled across the Fano Pane. I've written up the some of the history of the fano plane here. The title of my humble system is taken from the Fano Plane.

So armed with this knowkedge, I looked at the diagram with the aim to see if it was possible to use the structure to calculate the dynamics between the individual and industry. As my work in software is about collaboration with the user to create content, the importance of relationships throughout the whole chain value system of a project seem to within grasp.

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