1. Communication, Networks and Manufacturing

Much of my work is based around managing online software projects for a consumer market. In a vain attempt to understand how best to devise such projects, I realised I had to find the core ingredients to these projects. Rather than look at tangibles, such as programmers, designers, marketing - I wanted the core abstractions to a project.


I knew that the commisioners of any project wanted to communicate something, so that was my first node. Second was Networks, as the communication has to be sent. Third is Manufacturing, because something has to be made, for it to be sent.

Lets expand on these three absracts a moment..

Communication is our base need as a human

Networks are the framework to the dispersal of energy.

Manufacturing is undipudtably the conversion of raw material in to finished goods. The question I would ask is what is a raw material and when is anyting finished?

With these three core abstracts, the above diagram was produced. It just looked interesting because I had never seen such obious abstracts put togther before. After a session with google searching for any document, book or even Dilbert cartoon that referenced these three in some meaningful way, it soon became obvious that no one had published (online) anything that ties these relationships together.

I refer to these entities as the Primary Nodes.
Relationships between Communication, Manufacturing and Networks

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