2. Design, Production and Distribution

The next task was to start labeling the relationship between the three abstrations. After a few hours and numerous coffees later, I setlled on the follwing:-

  • Communications <-> Distribution <->Networks
  • Communications <-> Production <->Manufacting
  • Manufacting <-> Design<->Networks

I shall explain..

How the stuff is made so that it does communicate and is portable.

The making of stuff

Moving stuff around

I refer to these entities as the Secondary Nodes.

So far so good. The digram is reflecting the ideas, ok maybe I'm locked into the ontology of what I'm thinking, but the relationships seem clear, the flow around the diagram is asymetrical, showing that multiple reactions can co-exist.

Macro and Micro testing

Human scale

Take talking for an example

Industry scale

The Ipod
But this was all very industry focused - the missing factor at this point was the customer/user/viewer/punter..
User Centricity

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