8. Creation Plane

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So now's it a full house!

Lets recap:-

Primary Nodes

The main factors in the ability for the world to co-exist

Secondary Nodes

The relatioships between industries

Tertiary Nodes:

The relationships born out of user centric business

Adoption and Parenting

The sectors of industry that are under development and those that are adopted by the individual.

This leaves me with the final sections of the diagram, that being the 'content' of the Adoption and Parenting sectors. These spaces are framed by Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Nodes, so they are most definietly complex states. I've progressed here with further abstraction as placeholder names, because the system illustrated in the diagram should help me define what these sectors are on a project.

I call these sectors the Creativity Centrics Sectors, half belonging to the Individual, the other half owned by Industry.

So the sectors need labeling for idetification and reference. At present they are number 1 to 12 with a legend ouside the diagram. The labels with short desciptions are as follows:-

User Centric Creativity Sectors:







Industry Centric Creativity Sectors:






Using the Creation Plane

I hope this is a map of the relationship that I use to define a project; it can be used from a 10, 000 mile birds eye view on the relationship between user and industries or for understanding the need for a component on a website.

There is possibly more to do on this model. The relationship between Seconday Nodes and User Teriary nodes are not defined. This is because it's what you find as the bleeding edge of progress. User demand from INdustry and Industries will push their view on what is cool for the user to possess. It's an interesting area, but I think out of scope for this system. If anything the system in this diagram shows that that Bleeding Edge could be.

And it needs testing. The fano plane is based upon non-Elucian geomentry - the investigation of the forth dimension - a dimension that is 1 surface. This model is a theoritical one, but consider that all data is one surface and that you can only ever see one surface, the model start to probe at the way an information society exists. If you read through my notes on Fano, you see that conception of his plane did go onto influence the information theories we have today, abeit not with a focus on industry dynamics nor on the behaviour of the individual - a well know noise conduit…

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