5. Co Creation

So now we have a more Fanoesque diagram again, all nodes connecting to the User, and all Nodes with 3 connections, ensuring that any one node is only 2 relationships away.

The light colour inner circle could have been drawn with straight lines between the Seconday Nodes and whould have given the same structure. But with the curves the reader can see a zone that is closer to the user and sectors that sit next to industry.

The next task was to start labeling the relationships across the whole diagram. The question was with what purpose. What is this supposed to show. Well, as its user centric, supported by Industry controlled sectors, the relationships must refer to the consumer/prosumer activities.

With this in mind, it seems sensible to see the sections next to the Primary nodes as Parent ing Zones, areas of development and nurtured by industry for the user, whilst the sectors around the user would be the adoption zone, areas of devleopment the user was using.

This game me enough context to think about what the relationship labels between all Nodes should be.
Industry relationships

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