This is Zero Influence

It seems that both Free Culture Movements and Commercial Media Owners both share a single fear and that's being not able to influence their audience.

For Brands, their task of manipulating demographics has become harder and harder; for Artists their need to build on ideas is being curtailed.

As humans, control is a basic instinct. As publishers, it's the business model. Bloggers, Open Source developers, artists all inately need the feedback from peers - it's a requirement of their work, it's the partnership of communication that so intrinsic to their growth. That is Free Trade. And it works.

Migration of this concept of Free Trade in commercial media is a myth. Media Owners are bound by numerous legal and trade regulations that their licence owners assert. To whoms benifit is this? Apparently we the audience need looking after.

So what is missing from the services and realms of content that are superbly produced by Brands and Broadcasters? What else could we possibly want from a publisher? Why are laws of trade become laws of language?

May they be technological, editorial or marketing led, the propositions that we have to navigate daily are apparitions of regulations well behind the front-line of the Media.

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