Wiki Farms


Article about wiki farms - the pastures away from the blogoshere
Meadows of contemplation

(Article For Open Business)

The fifth estate

Rise of citizern journalism
the sole traders as publisher
the ease of credibility

Faster and quicker

the purpose of a wiki
what are the benifits
software development
ward cunningham interview

Farming for meaning

paddy fields
not crop rotation
mixed (arable: text lifestock:media)
Interview with Michal?

Cultural value of WikiFarms

Collaborative productions made easy
Wiki need to be able to integrate a workflow, by their very nature the are multi-directional media applications (MDMA), which doesn't help producers. MDMAs are useful exploratory development of ideas.
(inspi - aspi - insi - acqui)

!! Need drag and drop functionlality of mudules (drop in a rate system) - dont to the ning thing

Firefox extentions? Save keypress woudl be handy
adopt some of the MS word mentality to migrate users over to WIKI from Word


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