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What does digital mean to the communications industries?

Same as it ever was. Software.

before digital you had mechanical.

before that, hand craft.

All digital systems require a level of software to function.

the communications agencies of our futures require a fundamental understanding of design in the sense of construction, not interpretation.

To think digital is to think processes. To think mechanical is to think functions.

functions support processes. mechanical has enabled functions to be autonomous - called upon if and when required.

The initialisation of a process does not have to be a human request.

Requests can be another function, and usually are. Requests can be context called.

This is closer to science (biology and physics). Mechanical design is a poor simulation of nature.
Digital is built upon natural laws of number systems. Mechanical is hack.

Interactive is opening the digital processes to human interaction.
Note the incredible self importance in the notion of 'interaction' - as solely human function.

At what point does software become speech?

The boundaries of functions and constructors in a language are only identified in law, not in practice. (see: http://www.wired.com/news/culture/0,1284,42259,00.html?tw=wn20010307)

or indeed a mathmatical formula
Coupled with the ML definition, it's no stretch to think of it as a mathematical formula rather than a "device".


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