Video Online Is Not For Watching

video online is for facilitating conversations between people

leanback - used to distinguish from lean forward (intercative)

Analogue TV:

watch, dont record to share, dont recut, remix, release

just remember the highlights to talk about down the pub, office, playground

watercooler moments are the domain of the playground: shared experience through the format of Bebo

daytime.viral office sharing replaced the wooter cooler moment, but doesn't have the gravita of a pub conversation

so, protecting/restricting use of video online is like preventing conversations. much needed ones as the watercooler moments are evaorating.

it's so good - it's the best way to build a community

youtube (again)

A swarm of angels

Elephant dream

1 second movie

refer to social broadcasting concept and OBBI

User generated adverts

current TV


Turn here

GM Tahoe project

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