Vanilla Ice To Different Stokes

David Bowie, Queen and Vanilla Ice
The Under Pressure sample
This case never went to trial, although rumor has it that the copyright holders of Under Pressure threatened suit and settled with Vanilla out of court for an undisclosed sum.


1990 Hit Ice Ice Baby, in which he blatantly rips off a 1982 Queen riff from Under Pressure. Inexplicably sells 15 million copies. Settles out of court with Queen/Bowie. Ice claims Suge Knight forced the issue at gunpoint: "He took me over to the balcony, and he had me look over. He says to me, 'You're gonna sign these papers'… I signed it. I gave millions away."

- see notes about licence for movies..

Bowie borrows from culture, snthesises it into copyrighted material

Takes from the cultural pools…
Listen to the bounty he found in Berlin (The Berlin Trilogy)


Vanilla Ice last showing.. with "What you looking at Willis"

Frankly, if you read his background - you wouldn't take this guy on.

Todd is now

Hosted by Olympic gold medalist and world champion Scott Hamilton and co-hosted by Olympic gold medalist Summer Sanders, the show features some of the most recognized and celebrated names in professional figure skating and a mix of celebrities who span a wide spectrum within the entertainment industry. Collectively the participants have won 40 World Championship medals and 11 Olympic medals.<br><br>Over the course of these themed episodes, the celebrities and their professional partners will perform figure skating routines that challenge the celebs’ athletic and artistic abilities and push them to prepare and perform in ways they’ve never done before. Each episode will test the pairs’ skills as the degree of difficulty increases and they demonstrate whether they can successfully pull off original and challenging skating sequences – or freeze under pressure.

End on Different Strokes theme tune…how appropiate

Applicably to bowie..

Demos Podcast

Shame, there was something to Vanica Ice lyrics as said here…

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