Transmission Tactician


I need a role description
After year of being labeled a project manager, the term implies execution and delivery without ever acknowledging the creative aspects of creating a plan.
Media production, especially in a constantly changing marketplace, really doesn't warrant 6months scheduling. No one knows what will happen in 28 days, thus designing a project and the plan to execute it relies on agile thinking.

Transmission Tactician seems to cover the agile development of a communications

Tactics, not strategy

Strategy creates a space, which is a conceptual modality in commerce and thus can easily be debased.

Immersed in a never ending set of connected projects, only tatical manueovers are required.

Spaces are being created constantly by the audience, ever more so with the constant use of digital communications and data traces.

Tramission, not communications

Managing the flow of communications that is suitable to the context

Information theory


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