Stateless Branding


How marketing can operate as Stateless

Enterprise software operation offering hosted applications for SMEs and Corporations.
They will be doing 'enterprise mashups' at the end of next year..

Notes from about this

"The real power of this is not in Silicon Valley," says['s Chief Executive] Mark Benioff, "China, India, Singapore—developers there don't have the access and distribution. That's the companies that will be created off this."

Conference item on the subject

(Nov 2006)
"In any case, the true promise of Service-Oriented Business Applications (SOBAs) depends upon user interfaces sophisticated enough for a broader business audience to use. Few such tools exist today, but the writing is on the wall: the enterprise mashup is the future of the SOBA consumer."


The above seems to indicate an attention shift away from 'classic mashups' based upon spatial (maps) and temporal (event) indices, opening up the legibility of coordinating data along more abstract axes. Branding is a correlation of non-geographical or non-time based values (e.g. social/economic), which suggests that marketing can be born from the model of SOBAs (or vice versa). If built upon neither spatial nor temporal real time data, the SOBA is live non-event marketing or simply 'stateless branding'.

Considering the predicate for marketing has traditionally been based upon demographics and even with Google's AdSense programme that depends on context to deliver the 'right message at the right time', 'stateless branding' lends itself to being a network rather than relying on transport strategies such as memes.

Open broadcasting as Stateless Narratives rendered as Video


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