Predictive Predicates


knowing the possible existance of the next join/step/bridge

Less knowing about the future, more knowing what to look so to access possibities

What defines future activity

What are the patterns that define the future

As technology is deployed, this is usually a mapping of exitising manaual processes to new technology:
this speeds up the existing process

very few implementations actually change our processes

The distribution of semantics -> meaning receptors

open networks will enable the joins


what is the internal logic of predictions and predication?

Encoding space

Branch Prediction

Advantages and disadvantages

The main purpose of predication is to avoid jumps over very small sections of program code, increasing the effectiveness of pipelined execution and avoiding problems with the cache. It also has a number of more subtle benefits:

* Functions that are traditionally computed using simple arithmetic and bitwise operations may be quicker to compute using predicated instructions.
* Predicated instructions with different predicates can be mixed with each other and with unconditional code, allowing better instruction scheduling and so even better performance.
* Elimination of unnecessary branch instructions can make the execution of necessary branches, such as those that make up loops, faster by lessening the load on branch prediction mechanisms.

Unfortunately, predication has one strong drawback: encoding space. In typical implementations, every instruction reserves a bitfield for the predicate specifying whether that instruction should have an effect. When available memory is limited, as on embedded devices, this space cost can be prohibitive. However, some architectures such as Thumb-2 are able to avoid this issue.

Response Space

How do games designers building in Response Space for playability?


Knowing how to act upon or just seeing the permutations of possibilities?

Being Stateless

Stateless enables breathing space, opposed to State, which is waiting (system overhead) for the users next action

Dont waste effort waiting on actions that may never happen!

Spend time on calculating the options and recursively the next options. Paint the trail ahead. This is an aid to descision making.

what are my options?

Not what can I have..

How far downstream can we see/think. Not very far

Need to address how qustions are asked..

How do you ask questions that ensures the lead to recursive answers?

- we need a predictive predicate engine

formats and programs

State in -> Options out

Options in -> State out

  • Sonnets
  • Rhyming Couplets
  • Lymerics


All sports work on response time
Competitive Chess - Timers


Organising the Mob

Sport and production require guidelines/rules to establish protocols


Onslaught: Onslaught is played on a huge map where the objective is to destroy, capture and hold key power nodes, creating a pathway to the enemy power core which then must be destroyed. The gameplay is very similar to the conquest gametype of Battlefield 1942. Vehicles are extremely critical in Onslaught mode. Of all the gametypes in Unreal Tournament 2004, Onslaught is the most popular and so far exclusive to Unreal Tournament 2004.

Onslaught mode takes team combat to the next level! Opposing teams are pitted against each other to capture and hold strategic points in order to attack and destroy the enemy power core. Taking place in massive outdoor environments, here is where vehicular combat comes into its own. Flying and driving machines take combatants to the frontline and gigantic mobile battle stations serve as a platform from which to launch devastating attacks.

The beauty of Onslaught is that, because you can usually only attack two or three power nodes at any given moment, the action becomes very focused on a few locations. An in-screen map shows which nodes you control and which are under attack, and it's possible to teleport between any two nodes that you own, so it's usually pretty easy to locate the action and get there within seconds. This is a nice improvement over games like Battlefield 1942 and PlanetSide, where you could often spend a lot of time trying to reach the fight… instead of actually partaking in it.

"owning the deathmatch arena and making it fun and that you can retreive games online (Xbox live)" Mike Capps / Pres. of UT


BMW / Zaha Hadid

Productivity / J.I.T.

Historical perspective on productivity improvement

Production Miracle At Willow Run
Ford Motor Company History & the Origins of Lean Manufacturing

the weather tomorrow…

Thing life as chaos patterns
isn't this maths failing us. The complexity is overwhelming
e.g. Reimann Hypothesis…

Response time


Blink (book)

Thin Slicing

Pentium 4 Architecture
Branch processing and prediction


Space is required to process the decision making

Creating this space is a matter of design for the platform

How well can that space be designed for optimimal connectivity to a the best set of next Predictive Predicates

Predictive Predicate Spaces (PPS) <- Erk PowerPoint format! ;-p

[articles: stateless marketing]


Warning signs from the future


Anders Sandberg Blog

FuturePundit (blog)
Future technological trends and their likely effects on human society, politics and evolution.

Unreal Art



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