Predicting Hits

How to track the real value of artistic assets

Hits are a series of Primes
so far they are very hard to predict

its current usgage stats are available. MCRS can provide this data, though the lag is high (Months, quarterly)
Internet show realtime change

Can i plot the rise and fall of you tube videos?
by using the Ziemann zeta plane?

Matching difference?

there has been a less than stready list of hits

Getting all Long tail here
But they are still coming
But is this just a downward drift or demise?

Editors (entertainment) can spot this like

"This acts as a real 'torture test' for a computer," said Slowinski. "The prime finder program rigorously tests all elements of a system — from the logic of the processors, to the memory, the compiler and the operating and multitasking systems. For high performance systems with multiple processors, this is an excellent test of the system's ability to keep track of where all the data is." Slowinski said the recent CRAY T90 series supercomputer test in which this prime number was discovered would run for over 6 hours on one central processing unit of the system. "If a machine can complete this exhaustive run-through, we can be confident everything is working as it should," said Slowinski.

In addition, Slowinski said, techniques used to speed up the performance of the prime finder can also be used to enhance the performance of programs customers use on real-world problems such as forecasting the weather and searching for oil. "Through our work on the prime finder program, we learn new techniques for speeding up certain kinds of mathematical operations. These operations are often key elements of the most computation-intensive portions of software programs our customers run on their systems," said Slowinski.

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