Pre Sale


The concept of presale as an online system for commerce, notably real esate.

The Concept

The houseing market is always massively in flux (especially in the UK)
What if potencial vendors could pre advertise the sale of their property online - using the 'am I hot or not' model


Correct prices

House prices and market could be smoothed out by users giving feedback or speculating what they were willing to pay for the property when it went onto the market


Users could hint if the house actually needs doing up

Image Libray of society

5 images of the home x (number of properties coming up for sale) = lots of images
images to be licenced under Creative Commons BY-SA ready for estate agents to use

Vendor vs. Agent

Vendor has the upper hand with estate agents as Agents would then bid for the right to sell the property. At present it's an Agents market..

Collabortion in the market

If the market could easily see value, then perphaps a Zopa model could be introduced for mortgages

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