Open International Big Brother

This article has nowt to do with Endemol, owners of the Big Brother franchise.
This concept was developed with the artist Rob Myers


Users decide not just who stays and who goes but who plays, how they play and the whole Big Brother Environment
Big Brother was cutting edge interactive programming but the time has come to take it further. The public don’t just want to vote people in and out, they need change and development to keep their interest and we can give them the means to provide that change and development themselves. Real impact on a real environment.

Getting on the show

The consuming public have shown that they like to publish their thoughts in blogs and fellow members of the audience love to read these blogs. Vlogging is becoming popular and the use of video across the internet is growing exponentially as broadband access increases.

Am I Hot or Not is a simple global format that consumers enjoy.

Combining these three concepts (vlogging, blogging and Am I Hot Or Not) the broadcaster creates an online audition opportunity operated with no copyright infringements.
Benefits - A broadcaster then generates 1) lots of video without rights issues 2) acquires a large online community without having to buy it.

The community will be the voting mechanism, not by voting but driving up page impressions, with the least popular bloggers being voted out of the audition on a weekly basis. The blog audition could run from 6 months to a year.

Influencing the show

Those participants who don’t get through to the final 12 can take their bitterness/frustration out on the other applicants joined by the rest of the worlds viewers who don’t want to be on the show but would love to influence it by supporting their favourites and by designing into the game evil twists and turns, crazy food supplies and a house fit for an internal super game!

15Million bloggers would be attracted to the biggest games show ever. Everyone knows the format, and so they know what to do express themselves and win the worlds attention.

The residue of this creates a huge online community base for an Open broadcaster online service (see open broadcaster concept document)

The innovation is taking the creativity of the consumer base (audience) and converting it into content without prescriptive barriers.

Endemol would have to work with user submitted ideas for the house and the games.
Online international video blogging is a broad online distribution requirement. Viewers get to play ‘Hot or Not’ with the significant change being this is an audition, not a competition. Viewers get to really influence what happens in the show not just who stays and who goes.

International Big Brother is global a massive undertaking driven by the broadcaster.

Using the online community to genuinely interact with the show influencing almost every aspect.

Much better than voting for how a drama turns out.
A broadcaster would run the online service on behalf of Endemol and have the UK broadcast rights.



High volume page impressions
High volume video distribution (minimal rights issues as its personal blogs)
Creates a residue community for C4
Reverse the prescriptive design of TV to engage a normally passive audience
This is a reason for Interactive TV


With so many bloggers – editorial are there to highlight the best in the world, nurture those new to blogging.


To manage the user input to the show’s design, the wiki model is highly suitable
To manage the blogging service, the existing c4 technology of video encodeing and playout is ready. The blogging mechanism is relatively straightforward to produce.


This is an international game, hosted by the UK. Marketing can be turned towards UK ensuring that a UK citizen does go through to be 1 of the 12 contestants. National pride! As everyone can enter an audition, the word of mouth would be ‘ are you in or out’. No one is excluded until voted out.

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