Ogres of TV


Apple new iTV wifi interface for the tv
UX to access the user
Another toll bridge for broadcasters and content makers
Microsoft's Media Centre

Open source version?

itunes is the broadcaster model…

Mickey Mouse (de Bono) Act


They dont understand what advertisers and content makers need. Too much addressing the audience without consulting them either on what they want

The Media Interface business


Intrafaces between the TV screen and the production of content

With open source development - you try to get to the lowest level of code development if you want your product to servive
(Kernal, operating systems, wiki, ajax libraries)

With convergence, you want to be as close to the user as possible, and this is best handled when you dont make the user switch to your product, but offer something that adds value to his/her setup.

Broadcasting was once bright

Because it made the expensive box of electronics called a TV look invaluable
Watching the screen justified the size of it
This evolved into being the portal of information
Now, it's a dumb client needing functionality without major upgrades
ITV is suffering badly because it doesn't realise it role id not about content but providing upgrades to people media consumption habits. Not just media upport websites - actual functionaliy and services that should be built UPON the content that it knows so well. The other UK broadcaster are facing the same issue.
Content on Demand services are supposed to usher in this type of TV modality, but this is an upgrade to your habits you have to switch to. Apple offer an enhancement.

That's why they are a design company and broadcasters are brokers of media rights.

Welcome the era of the media centres

Apple have announce the interface for sharing your downloaded media from the internet to your big home screen
Totally revitising the need for a TV
Yes - the need for a TV. Something the BBC are gagging for - they need people to OWN tv to collect the licence fee. The licenece fee has no direct relationship to the content they publish - it's implied.


Apple have launched with content from Job's hobby company's - Disney.
Porting the internatioanlly famous BBC content through the Apple system is so very possible.
Selling the movies is a fig leaf to the goals of apple
iTunes is not their business - design is
and consumable like the iPod are herald to that
The ipod is not a concept switch for the consumer, its a complimenting upgrade

“You can take a movie, download it to a computer, put it on your ipod. But what about that big flat screen TV you just bought?” asked Jobs. “You need a box to drive that big screen TV. How’s the box going to talk to the computer? Do I want to string cables throughout my house? So I’m going to talk to it using wireless network, to get the content from the computer to the box, from the box to the TV.”

“Den, living room, car, pocket. And i hope this gives you a little idea of where we’re going,” said Jobshttp://www.macworld.com/news/2006/09/12/showtime/index.php

Yup, I can - the toll bridge between content and HUI.

Iger: "Deep down we knew the marriage of great content with great technology is truly a killer application.

Interface to search

OK, so all this is going to capture user habits
Look to the partners, Eric Schmidt (Google) on the Board of Apple

Pixar is moving towards great movie engines

Design = Production x Distribution

(see Creation Plane)

Translates as:-

Apple = Pixar x iTunes

(Holy cow)

How does Apple then ensure a MASSIVE throughput into it's content engine (Pixar)

How about Open Broadcasting - ( UGC as R&D. )


Full transcript of Apple/Jobs presentation

Image from Mike Arlington Flickr pool off the Apple event 12/09/06 #

MacTaggart lecture (with google video)

Pixar dumps Disney over distribution modes

Google Video could be headed to Apple’s iTV

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