Non Zero Sum Etiquettation

the ideology of user experience that delivers gain to both the user and the service provider

user centric design

but having good manners equates to zero-summness, and no one can benifit


software design has a lot to learn from the behavioural studies done in various communication industries

- guideing a user towards making a selection

- working with the brain's natural ability to filter, rather than search

how the service wants to let you know that the company cares, or rather, the company will retain you if their approach is open and caring

web 2.0 error messages

Protocol on the otherhand is the basis of the internet achiving the scale that it requires to main it's stability.

open source software projects define and thrive on protocols and standards

these both deliver zero-sum ecconomics

when developing a business model ontop of this, you are essentially finding ways to restrict the flow of access. (web1.0)
the long tail dynamic is 'help yourself to our back catelogue at a discount rate'

transactional models such as pay pal facilitate trust payments systems

web 2.0

flickr and delicious are actively giving to users a huge return on their contribution

a coherent community of foksonomy based content

requires a tipping point (and these can not be predicted easily - but you can lower barriers for users to particiapte)

api is a way to enablen land mass development for others to build upon (freeholders2.0)

built upon commons land...users submitting content under CC licence

in the past you had to force the land from people, now you have to be very nice to people to use their common land (intellectual property) to build empires

is this zero-sum if the users get what they want?

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