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The following are my notes for an IdeasFactory panel discussion in Inverness, with Adam Gee.

Main discusson points

Collaborative media projects are not just to reduce production overheads - they are to generate media that you could not achieve on you own. Therefore - these types of projects store large amounts of value, which is equally reusable. The users create resources as media.

Collaboration vs self promotion

  • Myspace vs Wiki Farms
  • YouTube video responses
  • Flickr groups

Understand licences

What they are for:-
Enabling you to identify your production
Enabling you to share you productions

Creative Commons explaination video

What thay are not for:-
Protecting your work
Collecting royalities

Examples of collaboration projects

Ranging from technology to media, commercial to hobby/project

Substanable models

Linus Distros (Pure Dyne)
Scotland Flickr Blog
Remix Reading


  • mixter
  • ourmedia
  • Remix Reading
  • open clipart
  • wikimedia commons
  • wikipedia
  • open gaming licence
  • Dungeons and Dragons (compare with the Lost TV series)


Non Sunstainable models

Banksy/Paris Hilton

Further Information



Creative Commons - licences for media productions
OpenBusiness - good source of commercial collaboration projects and ideas
[] - good blog on Free Culture commentry


Elephants Dream - Youtube link
swarm of angels

Development Comments

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