How To Design A Web2 Enterprise Platform - Slides

1 A platform is an operations basecamp
2 A platform for new media is not centralised (the User is the centre)
3 Developing around the needs of users means providing value added services
4 User needs will vary and so will the business processes
5 A New Media platform is to maintain and enrich relationships, not to own content
6 Partnerships vs propreitry services. Invest in services. Take a stake in the innovators
7 Be the conduit between resources whilts adding value. Do not bring resistance to the UX
8 Particpiate in the users identity, dont own it
9 Be refelxive and recursive to user requirements. The core shared values are your bond
10 Content makers and advertisers need to share particpate not be contracted

11 developers need to use the tools they want to use, not conform to own standards (dupal, php)
12 use open source - the saving in explaination of platform alone is creditable
13 use open source - you licence costs vanish
14 use others platforms and services - invest in them - dont own them. Grow the community of software (ref: production companies - & you'll never have the 2003 Communication Act happen here, because it open source…)

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