How To Design A Web2 Enterprise Platform


With the rise of rapid deployment of consumer facing web services, broadcasters need to know how it can be flexible with online product development and deployment. The current New Media platforms demand a full product definition for all proposed projects, thus time-to-market can be hampered by platform, code and management procedural activities.

Can any of these be reduced or even rethought to provide a development and publishing platform that is manageable as an enterprise level, whilst attracting external development teams to expand upon its base services and components? How can operational and management costs be massaged using new technologies?

Fundamentally, the question is:-

“What technologies need to be adopted, supported and managed to ensure the broadcaster is relevant to the online audiences?”

The research reports should be seen as 2 separate reports:-

  1. Rebuilding a broadcaster's platform using web services
  2. The business of Application Protocol Interfaces

As both reports are to be presented to non technical staff, please avoid technical jargon throughout the reports. Both reports should not be longer than 10 PowerPoint slides and must be supported with discussion notes. Report to be delivered by 30 August 2006.

The reports should fulfil the following requests:-

Rebuilding the broadcaster's platform using third party platforms

  • Illustrate how the broadcaster's platform can be rebuilt using web services
  • Highlight the popular web services and their use
  • Demonstrate rapid scalability of the broadcaster's platform to match fast moving market requirements?

The business of Application Protocol Interfaces

  • Demonstrate the benefit of using and providing APIs.
  • Show example services.
  • Explain the business models of using APIs.
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