Relakks - Don't do it

Article written for Open Business (August 2006)

relakkslogo is a new service (a Virtual Private Network) for those who want to send information over the internet with annonominity. The encrpyted connection service is fully supported by the Swedish Politcial 'Pirate Party' - who have been know to support the activity of the Bit Torrent site - Pirate Bay.

By producing this darknet for those who dont want to be tracked, regardless of legal or illegal activity, the impact on culture as a whole is far more distrubtive. The users of Relakks will, on the whole be the web savvy youngsters who are actively creating and sharing cool innovation and ideas. Once this is removed from the public domain and shown only through a darknt we are liekly to suffer a drought of fresh ideas.

It could be argued that a service like this is driven by the pressure of copyright holders who dont want their movies and music being shared. By supplying a commercial available darknet

Like Pirate Bay this is an exteremly well organised project, they know what they're doing. Any they will have records on what you do. It's an incredible amount of trust and freedom for the bargain cost of 5 Euros a month.

Adding any layer of encryption is a kin to Digital Rights Management system, except now, sub cultures can reverse the effect and lock out media owners.

If the darknet is the answer to online freedom, then the main losers will not be those who demand copyright be upheld and respected, but everyone who thrives on a rich and varied culture of sharing.

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