Bottling Emotional Data


Brookers// lipsyncing ->news

Can brands thrive on saying "whateva" or am i bovverd. Customer Care can be fickle at the best of times, but upfront emotion is normally drained from interaction with the public.
catherine tate

numa numa and starwars kid


No match for the video format... Recognized formats are Google Video and YouTube.

evolution of dance

how we act, influenced by software functions (cut n paste aesthetics)

saving and backing up

blog templates - thinking framed by css

uk_logo.gifschool water coolerbebowater cooler moments have moved from the adults to the playground.

kids are immersed in rss and through data (myspace/bebo) adults are relying on the editorial choice. the generation gap of filtering
watrecooler school


adult entertainment is list driven - without the data throughput - the activity ends up in the front-room-cul-de-sac
not about Mimetism or emulating but taking an idea and adding your input, your own taste and style and then allowing others to build upon are having their evening experienced framed by a brand, the adults are less so

arguebly the orginal gets lost in this chain of mutation, and unwanted adaptation can kill off a branch of the idea

can we write software that with our guidance, produces emotional data not just a production of our interests.

we feel fine

data that others can use? learn from the children by subscribing to their RSS feeds? The adolest API?


we feel fine

statistiucal and marketing data


loyality card data / habits

why cant this data be passed out via a brands online API? Lets see what the online communities could do with this data.


or let customers access their shopping habits via an xml feed and let them share it like their blogs
cc tv camera footage / shoreditch TV (more of a fashion show i suspect)

full set

if we have an understanding where the data can go and how and why it could be used, then designing systems that generate emotional data will be a no brainer. open emotions rather than bottling them up, for market.

The future will be networked. The future will be shared. the revolution will be live data and it will be consumed visually.

leads to a heathly future. our childrens generation.

Guitar Hero

Guitar interface


dynamic design


Sherry Turkle probably understands better than anyone how people transfer their emotions onto the Net: sometimes they go through the Net to other people, but sometimes they just stop at the Net and start having an emotional involvement with the Net itself.

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