Culture Bonds

The Rise and Fall of Cultural Assets


Culture Bonds is a draft article on understanding the value of cultural assets.


If you lose copyright you lose the ability to track assets
unless we can find something better to first order objects

Securities are better than copyright - in so far as a third party can use the assets as they see fit, yet the copyright has to be leased in the first place.

Lease all your creativity to third parties? In exchange for access to any cultural material?

Bowie Bonds

About the Bowie Bonds - Securities on Royalities

Bowie's background in ripping 'n' rocking

A history of Bowie with regards to sampling and licencing

Hit tunes

Notes on pop hits

Predicting Hits

How to predict a hit, like the weather. Can the Reimman Hypothesis help?

KLF - Hits to Stamps

The KLF angle on cultures values

Vanilla Ice to Different Stokes

After Bowie sued Vanilla Ace, his career went downhill somewhat, seemingly ending in a fight withe Willis from Different Stokes..

Ipod - Sensor Mode

If the Ipod utilises WiMax/BlueTooth then audio will be used as a real time navigation


Investing in culture via secruities, so that the artist is paid, and then use these cultural assets to leverage other cultural activity, deferig the direct commodisation.

Artists using fincial traders is better than promoting yourself for revenue
Getting that back catelogue in the first place…
or, how to sell new artsist assets - first point is the label, normally.

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