Community As Calendar

Community gardens are literally worlds of wonder. and no two allotments are the same.

low managment by the service provider (normamlly the local council) and unreserved variety..

there's a correlation between these forms of growth, the production that binds the communities.

yahoo groups - died off

bebo and myspace will hit saturation of possibilities

need to let people brinf what they want in, and let them take out what they produce.

but what is the drive to perpectate this activity. is it the freedom, but what is that freedom?

There is something inherent in the pattern of growth and it occurs without moderation or support once the 'correct' parameters are set.

reimann zeta plane and CA rule 30..
see more:

rule 30:

randomness doesn't exist

game of life

connection between the 2

Predicting primes:

On the Number of Prime Numbers less than
a Given Quantity.

bryce & terra gen

$1m prize for solving it

Ulam Spiral



number spirals


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