Bye Bye Channel 4

Broadcasting is at it's end as a value generator for progamme makers in it's current form

I joined the company working on Time Teams Big Dig, an online TV project, using the power of crowds, scaffolded by TV production to produce a week of programmes. At 3.5 million viewers - it was a successful experiment.

The Andy Duncan joined and stated that the channel would be supported by 3 legs - rights, advertsing and new media.

Working across various departments, I've planned the execution of a variety of didgital media projects

Highlighted the extreme business value of open media and licence schemes such as Creative Commons

pix and mix

it became very clear with the planning of fourdocs that the channel were heading in an obviouly flawed route, that is belieng that the TV outlet of media would always be the main domain for mass creatvity.

YouTube and Democracy were starting up - very clear that a controlled new media platform would never be able to compete with attention

Our new media devision were told to think big - resulting in even bigger websites as destinations.
Web service were constantly dismissed

Introduction user pathways to design measurable services were ignored in favour for google ads

Quiz Call - wtf

Circulated 2 ideas (joint written with artist Rob Myers)
Open Broadcasting
Open Formats

Both dismissed without reason.

The upcoming 4Laughs project was the last planning project that I managed
debate over media copyright, sponsorhsip and producing a service that people actually coudl use.

Amazing experience to be within the broadcasting ebvironemnt in a frenzy timeof panic and confusion.
Tital misunderstanding of the relationship between communications, network effects and manufacturing of media

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