Broadcast Radio

from live to recording to broadcast to ipod to

music was never supposed to be commodity. recordings were though.
Make the difference. Radio is not about recordings, but transfer of data.

mention streaming vs podcasts pandora
data exchange business, not music
thats why you get it for free
DAB/freeview are basically non data services. They are not exchange business

If you cant have dialogue through your core offering - you're shafted. You can hear the audience fast enough.

Good article by Jaffe:

Why terrestrial radio is doomed (talk is cheap)

Radio is doomed.

Here are a few ways of helping to kill off this terminally ill patient.

1) Radio’s only remaining competitive advantage is the live or near live experience i.e. currency (as in current) and listener call-ins. So to make the East Coast commute, beginning around 6 or 6.30am, I would record a podcast every morning at 5am and upload it at 6am. 30 minutes; 1 sponsor maximum.

2) The third Mike. Are Mike & Mike truly (one of) the best in the game? Perhaps and perhaps note. Against ESPN’s arbitrary standards, absolutely. Against the wisdom of crowds, lifetime Yankees loyalists and sports nuts…not so much. It's time for the listeners to become the broadcasters...

3) Tailored Content. The podcast created in 1) would be a Yankees podcast (25 mins) with 5 mins of general content to balance out the sporting news of the day/night before

4) Satellite Radio. Need I say more?

5) The rise of iPod (or similar MP3 player) installed handsets in cars. Yes, the lighter thingy is nifty, but it’s a little cumbersome and the quality isn’t so great and besides, if they can put in GPS, Satellite Radio etc in a car, they can make sure MP3 players are standard

6) The obvious next step…who needs an MP3 player anyway? Ala Tivo and Rocketboom, how far away are we to being able to download podcasts directly to our “audio console” (or whatever we end up calling it) in our cars.

7) The obvious next step…the mash-up of SkypeCast meets Wi-Fi meets Podcasting. The inevitable and inexorable march towards LiveCasting (there’s a term worth coining), which should be able to comprehensively be the final straw or final nail for radio

8) 5 steps backwards…there are already plenty of Yankees Podcasts, right? WRONG. Can anyone spell out O P P O R T U N I T Y (see step 1)

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