Behind the Bowie Bonds

ets see whats he's been up to…

  • the stocks and shares of culture
  • price of rights
  • betting on thr future of cultural asset worth - just a no brainer…

Bowie Bonds
Perhaps the first instance of securitisation of intellectual property rights.

Music & Entertainment Royalty Securitization


"There's a huge amount of wealth in this country in intellectual property, that being record masters, publishing, syndication, TV, film libraries, high tech licenses, biotech licenses… You can do any deal if you do it right." Before the Bowie bonds, for instance, Pullman was involved in securitizing the cash flow of a Hollywood studio's film library. So why haven't other firms caught on? "Most other investment banks do things plain vanilla," Pullman says. To come up with something like the Bowie deal, "You have to be very creative. Typically this work, [asset-backed securities], is so detailed and quantitative that people don't have time to think about doing new things."

David Pullman, who set up the Bowie Bonds, now has his own firm.

Bankers Hope For a Reprise Of 'Bowie Bonds'
Wall Street Journal
By KAREN RICHARDSON (karen.richardson [at]
August 23, 2005

"Rock n' roll returns are here to stay"
James Altucher (james [at]

Here's how it would work if, for example, Pullman issued $100 million worth of King bonds. The money raised, minus commissions, would go directly to the fright master himself in the form of a loan. That means, Mr. King, that it won't be taxable income. Investors who buy the bonds would get the principal back over about 10 years, plus perhaps 8% annual interest, from King's royalties.

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