Bowie - Background in Ripping And Rocking

bowie believes copyright will vanish

listen to intro (where can i get the original transcript?)

Bowie and my way

Life on Mars
which has an uncanny resemblance to 'My Way' Sinatra
"My version of My Way"

My way was released 2 years before Life On Mars

Bowie: 'I was stuck with a partially written musical. And I converted it into something more Borroughsian. That was when I really started playing around with cut-up techniques, and that really opened up a whole new avenue of songwriting to me, a whole approach creating different atmospheres. Because that was the crux of what rock was to me. It wasn't so much what rock said. It was just the attitude and the atmosphere that it created. I was trying to define my version of rock-personally, in the way that I felt it, as a more stage oriented, theatrical kind of artist'.

which technique features on Diamon Dogs


Interview between Bowie and Burroughs 1974

Comparision between My Way and Comme d'habitude
Notes on Claude

Bowie Stole..


Bowie: Um…let me see…well, it's an artist from Belgium called Guy Peellaert, who did a book called "Rock Dreams"…that I nicked, well, I didn't nick the book, but I saw the book at Mick Jagger's house and I nicked the idea of doing a cover.

Cavett: What does nick mean?

Bowie: Oh…stole.

Interview on YouTube

Part 1:
Part 2

Russell Harty interview

Old Blue eyes version of My Way (note - blue eyes..see above)

And Sids

Bowie BMG and Savage Records

bowie gets out of contract with Savage and goes to Virgin

mashup competition

Cloneing Bowie

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