Blogs Killed Flash

Flash was the cheap content of the late 90's early 00
pre broadband is the classic overkill that Flash can bring

Ajax delivers the eyecandy

Joshua Davies starts a blog - even though his praystation was a visual blog (before flickr)

who wants algorhymic art when they have technorati
filters and mashups

the new algorithms

watching the community evolve is like an algorhymic process

what are we missing.
new forms of communications?
considering the development of Actionscript, from basic propreitry, to javascript clone to fullish OO and that AJAX makes full use of Javascript - has macromedia overshot the languages need?

Processing is alive and under used.
Commercial/web design still isgnore this

all the best:-


web visualisation is not readable or digestable
too finite

various delicious services

At what point can we mix these discourses
algorhymic Blogging

and mix the content at the object level.
users will decided what the First Order objects are and the log tail of media and services will be laid out for them

using audio and media at the object level is very hard
what are the attributes of media files (technical/editorial)
Viddler steps in to time tag
photosynth remaps the environment

society doesnt exist - no such thing as the community (long tail quote)
"There are no masses; there are only ways of seeing people as masses" - Raymond Williams.

lots of need for content repurposing
just needs the service provider to become creative

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