Arr Go On Up The Price Of Rights


An article about the possible price fluctuation of the price of assets/media rights
We are about to see the stock exchange of media rights
How did this happen
How will it operate
what at the consequences
Why this should never happen!

The Long Tail of Media Rights

(everything has it's price)



the price of assets is going to fluctuate depending on whats hot or not on a particular day/week/year. and of course this is going to influence the 'ecconomy of chat' across all media. will media asset rights holders the stockbroakers of today?



So I think someone should make a gameshow about asset usage rights..

theres so many formats out there -all tried and tested.

the young rights executives will have more fun

the audience will win. the audience will participate

how the business of rights management doesn't have to be built upon the systems of the past. Yup - learn from them, but dont use technology to speed up the demise of the systems.

longtail.jpg what

Creative Commons have helped with a licence scheme that puts the copyright holder in the position of declaring upfront is the assets is up for some abuse, erm, sharing and derivitve works. the BY-SA licence version does support the ecology of creativity for sure but this doesn't help the cause for finding meaning in the use of media assets. And this is where the long tail fails - rights pertaining to the huge archive of content will be missing. clearing the use of an actor 20 minutes in froma 1970 documentary about fishing is going to be unlikely. Lots and lots of slippery assets have dropped to the bottom of the ocean. We now have the options to ensure that media production today is open for future generations or continue to watch the (long tail) sharks.

Viral media and it's influence on rights

(viral will throw market values)

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so lets think about how we manage the commercial relationship in the future. can business be as simple as a chat down the pub. do we really need to have that handshake? Is it all about 'who wants to be a millionaire" or about closing the deal.

You should by now be thinking, what can be achieved through the use of media assets?

Not, how much is willing to pay for any assets - because that changes too fast for anyone to plan with.

Think about the mashups like google maps - thinkn how many new media resources have built upon the data Google has given the public - look at what google is google is doing with the usage data. or yahoo with mash ups. tag cloud are liek the audience screaming the answers at you.

and it is all data. that 1970n video about fishing is just data when it's digitised. it's no longer a video to be watched. that data has a variety of uses that you, the owner, could imagine. video online is not about watching it's about conversations and whilst conversations facilitate markets, online video (Ovid?) needs to be identified as something else than what we know as Television.

It's the difference between YouTube and a Broadcaster. Blink and you'll miss it.

we all know that the markets can crash and then everyone loses. and markets are based upon a symboloic exchange and possibly done better in 1500 than today. is the open movement s anything as dramatics as the merchants of venice?

Life depandancy of markets


(markets crash..)

so before youthink about investing in media, have a look at this:


spore is a rubber plant who is controlled by the stockmarket.

watching the health of your living investment, knowing that it's demise is down the changing tastes of society is insane.

Fair trade vs fair competition

TV game shows vs TV collaborations
Role of collaboration within reality shows

Media is for life, not for just for entertainment. Media has for the first time to actually rewrite the rules of ecconmomics. from Mercantilism to Adam Smith to Freakonomics, the instigators have been the merchants and the consumer, the old supply and demand model. Today with the proliferation of communication, dialogue is the key to customer aquistion - and if you can master the physcology of the zeigesit, you can ask, with confidence, "deal or no deal".


The endemol promo of the Deal or No Deal format is worth a watch.

But consumer will normally do their reasearch [] and realise that the fun fo participation is profit to the service provider. Could contestants demand equity in the content of TV shows?

But whilst this incredibly popular format enjoys global success, does it deliver anything to society as a whole. Most people will argue that it's not supposed to. Where are the formats that when used drive creative and diveristy in culture. Where can an API be added to the game show genres? I'm not talking about spin offs, but identifiny value for reuse by the audience. What is in it for us?

with collective publishing the notion of full rights on work is pointless. you have to share.

How will media owners work with the public. well, Myspace are conscious there Terms and Conitions are draconian. Yahoo! know they are harvesting media. If the models here is aquire users and sell the service, then the providers will find them selves with a ghost down eventually.

Watching the trends

We all have access to the traffic data
The values are visible.


winning sharing

tv and video


tv video


drama comedy documentary lifestyle

Playing the values

Collaboration will assist you in the feel for values
Life games - AUgmented reality - will be the exchange point

Games that deliver social value will be highly regarded and highly rewarded.

open gaming.
Augmented reality doesn't create a tanigble goods.Just an enriched imagination. which is fine, but hard to trade with.

Open gaming: where you the user are the producer too. magic. the publisher is a supporter of this and their product eveloves.

Emergence in gaming is normally not vuable as there carries a risk in the output of the game, as The Game showed.

maybe then it's the laws of social governance - like health and saftey that hold the laws of copyright in place. Having social freedom is a kin to media freedom, yet we are unlikely to remove the criminal courts for GBH to lessen the restrictions on copyright.

Drivers of Innovations

Where the law needs kicking - Napster
Where values gets removed - Pirate Bay

it would seem that something has to 'give' so that particpation in cukture is viable. Youtube was born out of the law on ISPs after the Napster cases.


Perhaps we need projects like napster more than we realise attain legal rulings - to attain proof that the innovation around us has more torque than the law. What can pirate bay bring to the table?

we have the rightto question our rights, our media and our social neighbours, but we cant deal as we see fit unless legislation is ruled.

a monty haul. A type of adventure or campaign where the characters garner so many valuables (magic items, armor, gold, accessories) that money, fame, and/or excitement cease to be a reason to adventure

Platforms of value

Lost - shows the eternal value system in freefall
Dungeons and Dragons - The eternal search

is a perfect example of this. TV as played as a game. we saw it in the animated version years ago.

Games Shows as the business model

guess work, participation and losing nothing

the updated US glossy has the knowledge to run and ruin and run… and has become a levage in online rights.
With distribution and production at their lowest entry points i history, the communicator/producer has the ability to drive meaning. But does meaning require choice? I'm not sure, but have a look through the classic tv shows, erm, business models for rights, here, and let me and Monty know:


Thanks rob for the title

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