Arent You A Doggy Woggy


A man approaches a woman in Union Square and asks, "Would you watch my dog while I run into the health food store and buy yogurt?"

She falls to her knees and says to the dog in question, "Look at you, Mr. Doggy! Aren't you a doggy-woggy?"

Please unpack.

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In the present issue of New York Magazine, Jacob Rubin tells us about a wonderful experiment he did recently in Union Square. He went up to strangers and asked a favor. The object of the exercise: to see how forthcoming New Yorkers would be.


Weather is not unbearable


Trust - via Appearences
What kind of dog is it? (cited:beagle)


Entrustment to a woman who says "Look at you, Mr. Doggy! Aren't you a doggy-woggy?"

Thin Sliced



Significance of yogurt?
Does she mind the 'task' if a reward is to follow or not?

Knee Jesk Responses

A Doggy Woggy is :-

"Temporary loan of trusted companionship."
"Token of Duty"

Aren't you a doggy-woggy? :-

Negative space to occupy ….

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