"So that we can can become rich with an understanding of how the world presents itself to us, design and technology needs to exist without the context of metaphors. Any application of allegory unto objects and exchanges serve the need of a social order rather than a social currency. To be exempt from influence, an object can then prove itself to be of the highest value - it's functional and aesthetic value will exceed what anyone can call beautiful. Things that are made are things we must enjoy. - David Bausola. 2009"

Zero Influencer(s)

The phrase/title is from an interest between the desire of open works, that they do not seek to influence, but service — and commercial media control whose design is for utter influence over behavior, attitude and attention and protection from attaining zero influence.

Collectivity convergences as communities consume.

"We're all 'zero influencers' now." - Bruce Sterling. Feb 2009.

The Short but Glorious Life of Web 2.0, And What Comes Afterward. Bruce will talk about the concepts behind Web 2.0, what its pioneers expected to accomplish, how that played out in the real world, and what may happen on the web in the next two or three years.

Narrative Filtering

Instead, I think the filters need to embrace more information, for more complex filtering, to produce narratives. Narratives live in the interpolation of interpretation, of the now, presenting what is being presented as the world. Storytelling, on the other hand, is "life with the boring bits left out" — a fictionalized, usual unattributed, isolated consumer production — the act of editing needs to be an act of adding metadata, not reduction of content.

Industrial Craft

Filtering needs to mature, experiment and contribute to the signal production, creatively.

We've also got this guy who's made some things for us. He makes these things called Shermans: the Sherman Filter Bank and the Sherman Chaos Bank. He only makes, like, 50 of each of them, and they're just wild. They sound really good. Extreme. What does the Chaos Bank do ? (Laughs.) It's a little modular synth setup, and it comes out with the most unearthly noises. I think he's building a big modular system, and I think this is one part of it. It's worth checking out. — The Chemical Brothers http://www.sherman.be/


This wiki is my collection of notes. It's currently undergoing a reshaping, so expected to get lost going through all this - there's some very quirky navigation in some of the sections.

Originally it was a scrapbook of ideas and notes, I disbanded it for a long time due to various 'busyness' reasons, plus, I was curious what it would be like to revisit this area of public production. Now, I have the need of it again.

A lot of the pages on here were written in 2006/7 and are very out of date. It's interesting to go back and see what I was thinking about at the time, and where I am now. More the pity for not keeping up with the public writing.


I've a huge collection of sketchbooks with diagrams and notes that now need archiving. I'll be photographing them, then uploading them all to flickr for embedding here.



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